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 Χριστός Ανέστη!   Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

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April Namedays

It is the practice of our Church to give the name of a Saint to the newborn child. By assuming the name of a Saint, we not only honor and express our gratitude to a Holy Person for his exceptional contribution to the Orthodox Faith, but provide the new Christian with an example worthy of emulation. The Saint then becomes the Patron of the child protecting it from all danger. Through his prayer, God will grant the child necessary illumination to become a zealous member of the Church and an ardent follower of Christ. Each month we will be acknowledging those celebrating their nameday in our monthly bulletin. If by chance we accidentally miss someone’s nameday, we ask that you please contact the Church Office so that we may correct our records. We extend our prayers to all those celebrating their Nameday and beseech out heavenly Father to grant them many years.   Χρόνια Πολλά!


 April 8, Holy Pascha

Anastasia  Saridakis 

Anastasia  Dines        

Anastasia McCammon             

Anastasia Santos                     

Anastasia Kotsanis                                 

Anastasia Spanos       

Anastasios Ermidis                  

Anastasios Maggos                  

Anastasios Nalmpantis             

Anastasios Alex

Anastasia Konstantinou

Anastasios Makris

April 13, Life Giving fountain of the Theotokos

Zoe Angelina Atheneos

Zoe Mavrakis

Zoe Stilianos

 April 23, St. George the Great Martyr

George Alex

George Cimino

George Coutris

George Drosos

George Fourtounis

George Georgekopoulos

George Glaros

George Glyptis

George Grivas

George Hohlakis

George Kafantaris

George Kalevakis

George Kantzios

George Karadimas

George Katsantonis

George Klidas

George Konstandinos

George Kopasakis

George Kyriazis

George Madias

George Maropis

George Marountas

George Mastrokostas

George Nimorakiotakis

George Parianos

George Petsas

George Regas

George Sevastos

George Sideris

George Sisamis

George Sisamis

George Skoutas

George Spanos

George Trifon

George Tsambounieris

George Tsardoulias

George Vassilakis

George Zampunis

Georgia Anagnostos

Georgia Diamantis

Georgia Hatzis

Georgia  Janicijevic

Georgia  Manouselis

Georgia  Matheou

Georgia McCammon

Georgia Pagonis

Georgia Papandropoulos

Georgia Pappas

Georgia Verikakis

Georgia Zachopoulos

Georgia Dimitra Ganotis

Georgiann Bodle

Georgio Almiroudis

Georgio Efpraxias

Georgios Agelidakis

Georgios Ermidis

Georgios Nimorakiotakis

Geroge Metrakos


April 25, St. Mark

Mark Fikaris

Mark Fourtounis

Mark Lombardo

 April 29, St. Jason

Jason Genin

Jason Hubert

Jason Lavdas

 April 30, St. Iakovos

James Brandt

James Mathews

James McDonald

James Yeager Sr.





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